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Promonitor® is a product developed by Progenika and distributed worlwide. 

Please contact your local distributor to place an order.

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  • Highly specific ELISA kits (96 wells)
  • Quantification of serum drug levels and anti-drug antibodies
  • Full validation in serum according to CLSI guidelines
  • Precoated, ready-to-use, convenient assays in 2h 30 min
  • Clinically validated in gastroenterology, rheumatology and dermatology
  • Cut-points and interpretation of results
  • Convenient software for automated data analysis, interpretation of results and reporting
  • Manufactured under ISO13485 in GMP-compliant facilities

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Promonitor® kits IVD Reference RUO Reference
Promonitor-IFX (infliximab levels)*  5060230000  5060130000
Promonitor-Anti-IFX (anti-infliximab antibody levels)*  5070230000  5070130000
Promonitor-ADL (adalimumab levels)  5080230000  5080130000
Promonitor-Anti-ADL (anti-adalimumab antibody levels)  5090230000  5090130000
Promonitor-ETN (etanercept levels)*  5110230000  5110130000
Promonitor-Anti-ETN (anti-etanercept antibody levels)  5120230000  5120130000
Promonitor-RTX (rituximab levels)*  5130230000  5130130000
Promonitor-Anti-RTX (anti-rituximab antibody levels)  5140230000  5140130000
Promonitor-GLM (golimumab levels)  5200230000  5200130000
Promonitor-Anti-GLM (anti-golimumab antibody levels)  5210230000  5210130000
Promonitor-VDZ (vedolizumab)  5391530000  5391430000
Promonitor-Anti-VDZ (anti-vedolizumab antibody levels)  5401530000  5401430000
Promonitor-UTK (ustekinumab levels) In validation  53714300DV
Promonitor-Anti-UTK (anti-ustekinumab antibody levels) In validation  53814300DV
*Promonitor-IFX (Refs. 5060230000/5060130000) and Promonitor-Anti-IFX (Refs. 5070230000/5070130000) are valid to monitor drug levels and anti-drug antibody levels of any biological drug which contains the active substance infliximab; that is the reference medicine Remicade® and any biosimilar drug like CT-P13 (Remsima® or Inflectra®) and SB2 (Flixabi®). Promonitor-RTX (5130230000/5130130000) is valid to monitor either the reference rituximab (MabThera®) or the biosimilar CT-P10 (Truxima®). Promonitor-ETN (Refs. 5110230000/5110130000) is valid to monitor drug levels of any biological drug which contains the active substance etanercept; that is the reference medicine Enbrel® and any biosimilar drug like SB4 (Benepali®) and Erelzi®. 

Diagnostic Service

Drug and anti-drug antibody levels are also available as a Diagnostic Service. Patient samples for testing are collected according to a standard protocols and sent to Proteomika for analysis. Sample analysis is performed by trained personnel in authorized facilities. The referring clinic receives a detailed report via e-mail presenting patient-specific information on circulating drug levels and immune response to treatment in the context of clinical studies allowing easy interpretation of the test results.

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